Best of Bowie – Platform: DVD

Alternate Take
On disc one, program your remote to Title 2, Chapter 1
to see an alternate take of „Oh, You Pretty Things”
where Bowie edits out the „Earth is a B**ch” line and
almost starts laughing. This was take two of the song
and has never been broadcast.

„Miracle Goodnight” Video
Go to the track listing display on disc two. Leave the
player alone for five minutes, and the video for „Miracle
Goodnight” is yours!

„Day-In-Day-Out” Remix
The „Day-in-Day-Out Remix” appears every second time you
select ‚Day-In-Day-Out’ from the track listing menu.

Ziggy Movie Ad
On the track listing menu, move to [Ziggy Stardust] and
press [Right], then [Enter]. A page advertising the Ziggy
movie dvd appears.