Bleach – The Blade of Fate – Platform: Nintendo DS

23rd Story Mode:
Successfully complete the first 22 Story modes.

500, 000 points at Urahara shop:
Have the Game Boy Advance game Bleach Advance: Kurenai ni Somaru Soul
Society in the cartridge slot.

Beat Unmasked Komamura’s Story.

Attack UP lvl 4:
Finish Ichigo’s Challenge Mode.

You must finish Ganju’s story mode.

1st win Ichigo’s story mode, after win Zaraki Kenpachi’s story mode.

Hollow Ichigo:
You must complete the first 22 story modes to unlock the 23rd story mode.
Then completing the 23rd story mode.

Beat Rukia’s Story.

Kuchiki Rukia:
Beat Yorouchi’s Story.

Kusajika Yachiru:
Beat Zaraki Kenpachi’s story mode.

Level 4 Cards:
Finish Ichigo’s Challenge Mode.

Play as Bonnie The Boar:
Successfully complete Story mode as Ganju.

Play As Hollow Ichigo:
Successfully complete the 23rd Story mode.

Play As Kusajika Yachiru:
First, successfully complete Story mode as Ichigo. Then, successfully
complete Story mode as Zaraki Kenpachi.

Shigekuni Yamamoto Genryusai:
Beat Ichigo’s Story.

Soi Fon:
Beat Ichigo’s Story.

Survival mode:
Complete Story mode as all characters.

Beat Orhime’s Story.

Time Attack mode:
Complete Story mode as all characters.

Beat Ichigo’s Story.

Beat Ichigo’s Story.