BMX Backflips

BMX Backflips

Tips and Tricks:
Submitted by: RM

When going in a ditch, make it a smooth landing. And remember to land
on the downward side for that special momentum. This will be important
in ‚beat the bird’, and ‚time trial’.

If you are on the last level and you know you can beat it, or if you’re
on a level you know you can’t beat, lose a life or two on purpose. This
will get you more points.

Extra Points:
Try to keep your front wheel up to gain points and get more speed than
you would get with both wheels on the ground.

For the wheelie level, keep your bike as vertical to the ground as
you can, which should make your upper body parallel to the ground –
but don’t lean too far back, or you’ll fall. This way, your
landings won’t send you flying forward, which would end your wheelie.