Cheat Code:

Cheat mode:
Press Control+Break while in the game, and type these in:

Code Result
winmission – Win Mission.
lostmission – Lose Mission.
allresearch – Researches Everything.
allmission – Unlock All Missions.
nolimit – God Mode.
fullpower – Recharge Jet Power of Selected Object.
fullenergy – Recharge Battery of Selected Object.
fullshield – Recharge Shield of Selected Object.
fullrange – Unlock All Bots.
selectinsect – Select and Control Insects.
showsoluce – Unlock All Solutions.

Object Maker Program:

I found this, when I use ‚Selectinsect’ cheat.
Build a robot (no matter, which), write a program on it.

extern void object::Maker()
produce(position,orientation,[category], „”);


where [category] is replaced with object category
for ex.: Titanium, NuclearCell, AlienAnt etc.
When you do this, press OK and execute program.