Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

-=Tips and Tricks=-
If you are running low on lives, repeat Nsanity beach over & over for easy lives,
but for lots of lives but harder, get the green gem from the lost city and go to
Castle Machinery. A gem path appears at the start with 27 lives.
Then the exit takes you to the end of the level!

-=Papu Papu: First he will slam his staff onto the floor. Jump on his hea and
avoid his spin attack, then jump on his head again. One more jump kills him,
but DON’T let himj fall on you when he’s dead. Jump on the chair to avoid
the spin attack. Papu has three health points.

-=Ripper Roo: The crazy roo will bounce about in set patterns. It is easy to
dodge him. Set off the TnT countdown and hope the mental roo is tricked
into being blown up. Be careful not to drown!

-=Pattern 1=-
the centre tile, the bottom left tile and the bottom right tile.

-=Pattern 2=-
The centre left tile, the centre tile, the centre right tile and the centre
bottom tile.

-=Pattern 3=-
The centre top tile, the centre right tile, the centre bottom tile and the
centre left tile. Ripper Roo has three health points.

-=Koala Kong=-
Dodge the TNTs and Kong’s rocks. When a rock doesn’t break, spin it to Kong but
make sure no mine cart is protecting him. Koala Kong has four health points.

Hide behind a chair whilst he fires his tommy gun randomly round his office
until he stops to reload. You have a short time to spin him so becareful.
Pinstripe has six health points.

-=Dr. Nitrus Brio=-
Brio will throw green or red beakers at you. Green beakers summon blob monsters.
Jump on their heads to lower brios health, red beaker are attack beakers. Once
only three health points remain, Nitrus will drink his potion and turn into the
NCredible Brio hulk monster. Jump on the blocks and spin his head three times
to defeat him. Nitrus Brio has nine health points.

-=Dr. Neo Cortex=-
The demented, mad scientist will shoot lasers at you. There are 3 colours: the
standard Red laser, Green lasers, the lasers you must spin back to damge him
and the trickery Blue laser, which reappear at the sides of the screen and may
move up and down to attack you again. His pace of shooting is normal, but when
he has two health points he will launch a barrage of red lasers and few greens,
so be careful. On the last health point he sort of gives up: shooting a single
green laser to finish him. Then claim your prize: Tawna Bandicoot! Neo Cortex
has five health points.

Play as Coco:
You can play as Coco Bandicoot, Crash’s younger sister, once you beat the first
five missions and the first boss of the first two games (Papu Papu and Ripper Roo).
She’s available at the beginning of Warped, but cannot take part in levels designed
specifically for Crash (boss battles, vehicle missions, etc). Likewise, it seems
that Crash cannot be substituted for Coco in mission in Warped designed for her.

Hidden Abilities In Crash 2 & 3:
In Crash 2 and 3, you can perform a slide spin jump by pressing the spin button
and the jump button at the same time during a slide, which will make you jump
even higher and further than a slide jump. This is extremely useful and the game
never tells you about this ability. You can also perform a slide spin by pressing
the spin button during a slide, as well as a high jump by pressing the jump
button while crouching.

In Crash 3, you can link both the tornado spin and double jump that you get from
the Boss fights with your slide spin jump at the same time to reach extraordinary
heights and distances.

Crash Bandicoot 1 Secret Levels:
* There are three secret levels.
* The level key for unlocking the level, Whole Hog, can be obtained by completing
the Cortex Bonus Stage in the level, Sunset Vista.
* The level key for Fumbling In The Dark can be obtained by completing the Cortex
Bonus Stage in the level, Jaws Of Darkness.
* The final level is Stormy Ascent, a level that was so difficult that it was
removed from the original game on Ps1. This level is available as dlc.

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Secret Warp Room & Levels:
Some levels will have secret level exits that will take you to a secret warp room
with additional levels and alternate level entrances for gems. The loading screens
will not give you any hints on finding them.

* The first is at the end of the level, Bear Down.
* The second is in the level, Air Crash, on a empty platform that you must bounce
on boxes in the river to get to.
* The third is in the level, Diggin’ It, on a cylindrical platform in a pit with a
spitter plant that you must use your stomp attack on.
* The fourth is at the end of the level, Unbearable, where you must backtrack and
use a slide spin jump to get back to Polar.
* The fifth is in the level, Hangin’ Out, where you must backtrack after dropping
a lower level to another drop with fast spinning robots that can only be avoided
by holding the crouch button.

Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped Secret Levels:
Some levels will have secret level exits that will take you to a secret level.
The loading screens will not give you any hints on finding them.

* In the level, Road Crash, drive into the alien sign that the bird crashes into
to be transported to the secret level, Hot Coco.
* In the level, Dino Might, go on the yellow gem path and get carried off by the
second pterodactyl you come across during the first chase to be taken to the secret
level, Eggipus Rex.
* The final level is a new one that has been added to this remake called Future
Tense, which can be accessed by going on the platform near the center of the Time