Cuboid – Platform: Playstation 3

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

Ring (Bronze): Complete ‚Ring’ Level.
Goblet (Bronze): Complete ‚Goblet’ Level.
Rod (Bronze): Complete ‚Rod’ Level.
Sword (Bronze): Complete ‚Sword’ Level.
Shield (Bronze): Complete ‚Shield’ Level.
Crown (Bronze): Complete ‚Crown’ Level.
Bronze Master (Bronze): Collect 20 bronze medals in Expert or 30 in Beginner
Silver Master (Bronze): Collect 15 silver medals in Expert or 20 in Beginner
Gold Master (Bronze): Collect 10 gold medals in Expert or 15 in Beginner mode.
Speed Master (Bronze): Complete 20 levels with lightning speed.
Equilibrist (Silver): Complete 15 levels in a row without falling.
Beginner Master (Silver): Complete All Beginner levels.
Expert Master (Silver): Complete All Expert levels.