Darkwatch – Platform: Playstation 1

Hold two weapons:
Press Down to switch to your second weapon slot. This is useful if you are
saving a rail rocket or shotgun. Also, press Up to switch between dynamite
and splitter grenades (if available).

Quick clear:
While fighting a group of enigmas and there is a Dark Mark (Evil Tree),
quickly destroy the tree before fighting any enemies. When it is destroyed,
it will shoot a shockwave, instantly destroying all enemies in that area.

Rapid fire pistol:
Hold down the fire button (R1) on the pistol (Redeemer) to fan it, or shoot
in rapid fire.

Blood vision:
Press R3 to activate your blood vision.

Defeating Banshees:
Be careful while fighting banshees. If you cut off their arms and they still
live, they will fire non-stop energy balls at you.

Defeating Lazaurus:
While fighting Lazaurus for the final time, hide in the house when he is
using his twister move; it will shield you. Also, when he shoots his fireballs
and smoke clouds, shoot them; they will blow up and you will be unharmed.

Press L3 to duck.

Evil deeds:
Blood Frenzy : Adds a supernatural boost to hand-to-hand combat.
Black Shroud : Covers you in a black shroud of darkness that hurts enemies when they attack for a short time.
Immortal Friends: No matter how many times you shoot Cassidy or Tala, they will not die.
Soul Stealer : Sucks the souls right out of living enemies (can be used at a distance).
Turn : Turns some enemies against each other for a short period of time.

Good deeds:
Fear : Some enigmas will run scared for a short time.
Mystic Armor : Strong armor (possible 0 damage) for a short time.
Silver Bullet: Infinite and more powerful bullets for a short time.
Vindicator : Shoots a chain of lighting that instantly destroys most small monsters.