Destroy All Humans! 2 – Platform: XBox

Hidden movie:
Pause the game and select the „Archives” option, the choose the „B-Movie”
selection. Then, click and hold the Left Analog-stick and press A, X, Y, B, X,
B, Y, A(2) to see a movie featuring Crypto and Pox talking about the events from
the original Destroy All Humans!

Alien Artifact Detector:
Successfully complete all of the Arkvoodle Cult missions in Albion. The last
Arkvoodle Cult mission in Albion has two parts. Shama Llama will tell you to go
back to Bay City and talk to The Freak and convince him to paint a poster for
you. Once you complete that mission, go back to Albion and complete the last
Arkvoodle Cult mission there to unlock the Alien Artifact Detector. The Alien
Artifact Detector makes any Alien Artifact appear on your mini-map/radar (as a
blinking red dot) when you are near one.

Burrow Beast:
Successfully complete all Arkvoodle Cult missions to unlock the Burrow Beast
Datacore (super weapon).

Furotech Cell Detector:
Successfully complete all of the Arkvoodle Cult missions in Takoshima to unlock
the Furotech Cell Detector. The Furotech Cell Detector makes any Furotech Cell
appear on your mini-map/radar when you are near one.

Quantum Deconstructor:
The Datacore for the Quantum Deconstructor can be found by searching around the
village of Tarkovskoye (in Tunguska). Pox will message you about the Datacore
when you are close to it.

Final Arkvoodle Cult mission:
Collect 30 Alien Artifacts to unlock the final Arkvoodle Cult mission.