Dynasty Warriors 3 – Platform: XBox

Note: This game is also titled Shin Sangoku Musou 2.

All Shu generals:
At the main menu, press White, Black, X, Y, White, R, L, Black. If you entered
the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

Opening Edit option:
At the main menu, press X, Black, Y, White, L, R, White(2). If you entered the
code correctly, you will hear a sound.

BGM Test option:
At the main menu, press L, White, Y, R, White, Black, X, Y. If you entered the
code correctly, you will hear a sound.

Bonus FMV sequences:
Enter the options screen from the main menu and select the „Opening Edit”
option. Highlight the „Replay” selection, then hold L + R and press A. You will
see all of the people from the gray army dancing. Additionally, highlight the
„Replay” option at the „Opening Edit” screen, then hold Black + White and press
A. You will see Zhu Rong singing.

Funny ending sequence:
Play through Musou mode in two player mode, with any character as player one and
the your best character as player two. Have player two win each level and player
one kill nobody. At the end, it will say „0” for the kill number each time. For
example, do this with Da Qiao and Guan Yu (player two) and the game will say „In
the Yellow Turban Rebellion, Da Qiao won her affection after defeating 0
soldiers” and sometimes it will say 0 soldiers forcing a retreat.

Zhou Yu singing and dancing:
Play through Musou mode on any difficulty setting as Da Qiao or Xiao Qiao to
have Zhou Yu as the singer/dancer in the ending sequence. He still has the
woman’s voice, and does the same exact dance.

Zhen Ji dancing:
Successfully complete the game with Dian Wei to see Zhen Ji dancing. You can
also see Zhen Ji dancing by completing Musou mode with Zhang He.

Very hard difficulty setting:
Successfully complete the last level of Musou mode on the hard difficulty
setting to unlock the „Very Hard” setting at the option menu.

In-game reset:
While playing the game, press Start + Back. Note: This only works at certain

Alternate costumes
When selecting a character, press A or X to choose between two costume colors.
Play as Fu Xi
Successfully complete Musou mode with Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan to unlock
Fu Xi.
Play as Lu Bu
On Hu Loa Gate, get over 1000 KOs and defeat Lu Bu to unlock him. This can only
be done while on the Allied forces. An easier way to get over 1000 KOs on Hu Lao
Gate is play on the easy difficulty setting, then pay attention to the enemy
gates. If you see a lot of enemy units pouring out, make sure to put your
bodyguards on defense then stay near the gate opening. KO the enemies as they
appear. Try not to KO the Gate Captain or no more units will appear. This is
especially critical around the three gates in Dong Zhuo’s fortress where you can
accumulate over 450 KOs.
Play as Nu Wa
Successfully complete Musou mode with Sun Shang Xiang, Xiao Qiao, Da Qiao, and
Zhen Ji to unlock Nu Wa.
Xu Zhu combos
Doing a jump attack on any person will make your combo rack very fast. You can
also jump attack someone immediately after doing this once to continue your
combos. This is very useful for getting 20 or better combo hits on Generals for
twice the normal item given.
Use the Red Hare on any level
On Hu Loa Gate, once you defeat Lu Bu a supply unit will appear (usually to the
north. ) Defeat the supply captain and you will get a secret item. Equip the item
to use it on any level.
Easy fourth weapons
Start the level on the hard difficulty setting, acquire the weapon, then quit
and save the game. Set the difficulty to easy, then finish the level.
Hidden items at Hu Loa Gate
In Hu Loa Gate, on top of the Han Shui Gate is a Musou +10. On the Hu Loa Gate
is a Life +10.
Art Of War Scroll special item
Play The Siege Of Hei Fei Castle with the Blue forces. Defeat all generals
except Sun Quan and the special item message will appear. Go to the big boat
that Sun Quan is on to receive the Art of War Scroll. It doubles the time of the
effect of the Defense and Attack times two for thirty seconds and Musou full for
ten seconds.
Black Shadow special item
Play Huang Gai on the hard difficulty setting at the battle of Chi Bi for Allied
forces. Follow orders to execute the fire attack against the Wei (Cao Cao’s)
forces. Defeat Zhang Liao (and possibly some other generals as well) before
defeating Cao Cao. A „Special Item” should be found near the place of prayer at
the southwestern end of the map. The Shadow Rod is a +44 attack weapon with 6
hits. It also adds +27 Musou Charge, +82 HP Max, +57 Defense, +52 Mounted
Attack, and +23 Reach.
Bodyguard Manual special item
At the Siege Of He Fan Castle level, go to where Xhu Zhu is located. Defeat him
on the ridge and the „Special Item Discovered” message will appear. Complete the
level and you will have the Bodyguard Manual, which makes your bodyguards
Dian Wei’s special item
Play the Battle At Wan Castle level with Dian Wei on the hard difficulty setting
. Defeat general Hu Che Er. A supply captain will appear in the south. Defeat
him to get Dian Wei’s fourth weapon, which as HP +84, Attack +27, and Musou
Charge +28.
Defender special item
In the Battle of Wu Zhang Plains on the hard difficulty setting with the Wei
force, find a place where an intermission sequence starts and you see shooting
stars. A special item message should appear for the Defender. This is almost
impossible to obtain with one person. Both of your characters should be at full
stats with their fourth weapon. This item will have your character’s Defense x2
when near death.
Diao Chan’s special item
Play the Battle of Hu Lao Gate on the hard difficulty setting with Dong Zhuo’s
forces. Kill Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and Liu Bei. Note: Liu Bei must be the last one
to be killed. The special item should be close to Han Sui Gate.
Dong Zhuo’s special item
Play Dong Zhuo in Battle of Hu Lao Gate with Dong Zhuo’s forces on the hard
difficulty setting. First, destroy Liu Bei’s army by killing Liu Bei himself. It
is not necessary to kill Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. Dong Zhuo will tell Diao Chan to
go to the front lines. Wait for Diao Chan to defect. It may take a while. After