Hot Rod – American Street Drag

Hot Rod – American Street Drag

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Money Back Guarantee:
Say you bet some hard cash. If you lose, after the race, go to the garage and
then go to profiles, and click back. When it asks you if you want to save click no.
WARNING: All data until last save will be erased.

Faster Run:
To have a faster run, at the light hold the brake, shift into second gear, rev
the engine to about 3000 RPM, and then release the brake when the light turns.

Unlock New Cars:
Start game as usual, then create new players using the following

Player names:
MOISDNE – Get 200.000 Money And Access To Cheat Cars
Reptomicus – Get Reptomicar
SheBeast – Get She Mobile
Invader – Get Invader Car
Brain – Get Brain Car
the gunslinger – Dragon camaro

Quick start:
Hold the brake and shift into second gear during the countdown. Rev the engine
to about 3000 rpm, then release the brake when the light turns green.

Easy money:
Go to the auto shopper and buy a car. Sell each part individually and then
the car. Do this instead of the races to get a good car.

Get your money back:
If you lose money on a race, return to the garage afterwards. Select Profiles,
then select Back. When prompted to save, select No. Although you will still
have the money, all save data up to your last save will be gone.

Better Handling:
Use the smallest block when building your Hot Rod to improve your handling b ut
retain the same horse power as if you had used a bigger block.

Get lots of money:
Submitted by: ahmed_ehab

it,s not really a cheat its a hint or a tip if u want lots of money just do what
i say u can get unlimited money if u keep doing that when u begin with 5000$ buy
a car then sell parts alone then sell it without parts ( BUT NEVER SELL IT WITH
ITS PARTS U WILL LOSE MONEY) then buy another car till u get money enough for
buying 2 cars keep doing that by that way i got 400,000 money but it needs some
time to get for that money.