International Track And Field 2000 – Platform: Nintendo64

Unlock Pole Vault
To unlock the Pole Vault event, enter your name as L. A.
in the championship mode.

Get MORE Olympic events
Put in Montreal for a name OR go to trial mode and beat
the 10 events that are shown and at least get a bronze medal.
Then the triple jump and breaststroke will be opened. After
that beat every event including the triple jump and breaststroke
by at least getting the silver medal. Then the vault will be open.
Now you have to beat all the 12 events you have opened and get the
gold medal. Then will have trap shooting. Now you have all your
events. You can play them all in championship now too.

Different colored costumes
At the end of each championship mode, you are awarded a secret
name for the country you complete it with. You can then use them
in Trial mode to change the color of the athlete. Put the city
name in as a case sensitive name in trial mode.

Athens Grey
Montreal Gold
Atlanta Orange
Seoul Purple
Munich Light Blue
L. A Blue
Tokyo Red
Mexico Green
Moscow White
Roma Brown
Sydney Silver
Helsinki Bronze