Jet Grind Radio – Platform: Dreamcast

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Love Shockers gang:
Successfully complete all Shibuya-cho levels
with a „Jet” rank to unlock the Love Shockers

Noise Tank gang:
Successfully complete all Benten-cho levels
with a „Jet” rank to unlock the Noise Tank

Poison Jam gang:
Successfully complete all Kogane-cho levels
with a „Jet” rank to unlock the Poison Jam

Goji Rokkaku:
Unlock the Love Shockers, Noise Tank, and
Poison Jam gangs, then successfully complete
all the Grind City levels with a „Jet” rank
to unlock Goji Rokkaku.

Pots (the Dog):
First, unlock all the bonus characters (Love
Shockers, Noise Tank, Poison Jam, and Goji).
After completing the game, play the „Monster
of Kogane” level before „Benten Boogie”.
After completing those levels, a Noise Tank
will challenge you after Chapter 2. Defeat
the Noise Tank Challenge to unlock Pots.

Skate backward:
While skating, press Down, Up.