Killer is Dead – Platform: XBox One

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Secret Bonuses:
When you complete the following tasks the corresponding bonus will become unlocked.
Aim Cut Payment – Perform more than 15 Adrenaline Bursts.
Alice Bug Payment – Don’t take any damage from bugs.
Beam Payment – Avoid ALL of Dolly’s laser attacks.
Beast Payment – Don’t get hit by the big spiky enemy.
Bend and Stretch Payment – Squat at least 20 times.
Blood Payment – Absorb over 100, 000 fl. Oz. Of blood.
Destruction Payment – Defeat ALL enemies.
Exhumation Payment – Find ALL the vintage wines.
Gentleman’s Payment – Don’t take any damage.
Ghost Payment – Clear the stage without defeating many enemies.
Guard Break Payment – Perform at least 30 Guard Breaks.
Head Shot Payment – Perform at least 15 Head Shots.
Just Guard Payment – Perform at least 15 Just Guards.
Obliteration Payment – Use the Sub Weapon less than 50 times.
Overheat Payment – Clear the stage without overheating the turret even once.
Rescue Payment – Avoid ALL of Tokio’s bullets.
Revenge Payment – Attack only David.
Scarlett Payment – Meet Scarlett 3 times.
Shadow Demolition Payment – Kill at least 15 Women’s Shadows.
Stun Allowance Payment – Do not get stunned by the Skyplane’s beam plasma.
Toughness Payment – Clear the stage without dying.

Costumes for Mondo:

Successfully complete the game under any difficulty setting to unlock the
following costumes for Mondo. You still have to buy them once unlocked.
Casual Mondo – $500, 000
Ultimate Mondo (Double Damage) – $10, 000, 000
Dark Booster (Unlimited Blood Meter) – $15, 000, 000
Legendary Executioner / David’s Costume – $100, 000, 000