Last Day of June

All Hidden Achievements:
Written by duDE

Last Day of June is an interactive tale about love and loss, a fantastic game!
There are 3 hidden achivements here: „She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not”, „Never
Too Old” and „Not Great At Basketball”. You can get all three of them in less
then 5 minutes just at the begin of a new game!

-=She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not=-
Just at the beginning of a new game, exit the pier. Right when your feet hit
land, there will be a rock in front of you with two flowers around it – take one!

Once you have the flower in hand, press „E” to pick a petal. A flower has five
petals so it’ll take five presses to remove all of them.
When the flower is finished, the trophy will unlock.

-=Never Too Old=-
When you play as June take the pressent upstairs and go down the hall to the
bedroom, place the box on the night stand and June will put a teddy bear by it.

-=Not Great At Basketball=-
During your first time playing as the Kid, in the same yard as his treehouse,
go through the hole in the fence on the right side of the yard.

As you go through this hole, you will notice a basketball hoop attached to the
side of the house. Go around the house and pick up the soccer ball.

With soccer ball in hand, go back around the side of the house and approach
the hoop. Press „E” to attempt a shot. Pick your ball and repeat this process
three more times.