Last Rites

Last Rites

Cheat Codes:
So far, there are no cheat codes, but there are
some command-line switches.

These are all the possible switches:

/SKIP simply puts you right into a level with
going thru any other screens.

/LEV is the switch that goes to any level
(but with the default weapon and health as
if starting a new
game in level 1).

The syntax is:


where xx is the level number.

Apparently what this does is replace level 1 with
the given level. This means that starting a new game
will give the mission briefing for level 1 and show
the Loading Level 1 screen. Saving and loading saved
games works just fine, but if the game is exited
and restarted, the same command line must be used to
restore a saved game.

The level numbers and the MISSxx files don’t exactly
match up. Here’s the table:

Number Of Levels = 11
Level 1 = levels\miss01
Level 2 = levels\miss07
Level 3 = levels\miss04
Level 4 = levels\miss05
Level 5 = levels\miss06
Level 6 = levels\miss08
Level 7 = levels\miss09
Level 8 = levels\miss10
Level 9 = levels\miss11
Level 10 = levels\miss12
Level 11 = levels\miss13