Lego Rock Raiders

Lego Rock Raiders

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

At the main menu, type the following:

Code Result
LRRWARP – Access All Levels
LRRMONTY – All Men Become Rock Monsters
LRRVE – Access All Vehicles

Loader Dozer:
The Loader Dozer clears the rubble your Rock Raiders have not yet gotten to,
but it usually goes for the newest rubble. It is good to have at least two
digging vehicles, so that it does not interrupt your drilling.

Tiny monsters:
When the Lava, Ice or Rock Monster are destroyed, they will split into three
or four tiny monsters. These cannot be destroyed, but they are not a danger.

Block lava flow:
In any level with lava, build a perimeter power path around the lava. This will
stop the lava from destroying your base temporarily. You will need to go back
once the erosion destroys the power path to repair it, and build a new power
path in its place.

Stamina meter:
Your stamina meter (shown as a sandwich) depends on your health. For example,
if your Rock Raider only has half a health bar, your stamina will only be able
to go up half way until you teleport that Rock Raider out.

Name Rock Raider:
You can name your Rock Raiders by pressing {ENTER}.

Electric fences:
The electric fences do not use energy crystals. They use the base’s power. Only
one building requires power in order to use them.

Slowing Down Lava Erosion:
Land erosion by lava can be slowed down by building a power path on the land.
However, eventually the power path will be destroyed and the lava will start
eroding the land again. You will then need to repair the erosion and build a
new power path there if you want to slow down the lava again.

When a Rock Raider is placing explosives, it counts down from 5. If you teleport
out the Rock Raider that set the bomb, it will still go off, but it will not destroy
the wall. You will not be able to set explosives there again.

Drained Energy Crystal:
When you have at least one building that uses power, and a power station but only
one Energy Crystal, it will constantly say that the Energy Crystal is drained.
However, your Rock Raiders will always put it back in the power station.

Wrong dialogue:
Sometimes when Chief is briefing you on your next mission, he says different things
than the captions.

Driving in circles:
In the stage Frozen Frenzy, when you have at least four small transport trucks
with upgraded engines and cargo holds, they occasionally drive in circles without

No building beam down:
If you put down too much ore or energy crystals, the building will not beam down.
For example, if you need 20 pieces of ore, and your Rock Raiders put down 21 pieces,
it will not beam down.

Wrong base size:
At the end of most levels when Chief is giving you your results, it almost always
states that your base size is 0.

Stuck vehicles:
When you have at least two large vehicles that are on the same spot, they usually
get stuck and can only be moved by going into first-person or shoulder view.
This can happen at any time and place.

Level select:
Add the -testlevels command line parameter to end of the Target field in the
Shortcut properties of the LegoRR.exe file that is used to launch the game.