Marvel – Ultimate Alliance 2 – Platform: Playstation 3

Cheat Codes:
Enter one of he following codes at the indicated screen to activate the
corresponding cheat function. Note: Trophies and saving are disabled when most
cheats are activated. You must restart the game and reload a previously saved
game to enable trophies and saving again.

All Dossiers
At the main menu, quickly press Down(3), Right(2), Left, Down, Start to unlock
all Dossiers.

All movies
At the main menu, quickly press Up, Left(2), Up, Right(2), Up, Start to unlock
all movies.

All diaries
At the main menu, quickly press Left, Right(2), Left, Up(2), Right, Start to
unlock all diaries.

Extra money
At the „Hero Details” menu, quickly press Up(2), Down(2), Up(3), Down, Start.

While playing the game, quickly press Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Left, Down,
Right, Start.

All Fusions
While playing the game, quickly press Right(2), Up, Down, Up(2), Left, Start
to unlock all Fusions.

All powers
While playing the game, quickly press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right(2), Left,
Start to unlock all powers.

All characters
While playing the game, quickly press Up(2), Down(2), Left(3), Start to unlock
all characters.

All costumes
While playing the game, quickly press Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right,
Start to unlock all costumes.

Play as Hulk
While playing the game, quickly press Down, Left(2), Up, Right, Up, Down,
Left, Start to unlock Hulk.

Play as Jean Grey
While playing the game, quickly press Left(2), Right(2), Up, Down, Up, Down,
Start to unlock Jean Grey.

Play as Thor
While playing the game, quickly press Up, Right(2), Down, Right, Down, Left,
Right, Start to unlock Thor.

Legendary mode:
Successfully complete the game on the Heroic or Super Heroic difficulty. Go to
the Briefing Console to get the option to start a new game in Legendary mode
with all previously unlocked heroes, level, and abilities.

Bonus characters :
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character:

Deadpool: Successfully complete the Washington D. C. level.
Green Goblin: Defeat Green Goblin and Venom at the end of Wakanda: Act 3.
Hulk: Collect all five Gamma Regulators.
Iron Fist: Choose the Rebel side.
Jean Grey: Collect all five M’Kraan Shards.
Luke Cage: Select Anti-reg when given the choice, or get him after Iron Man
grants amnesty to the Anti-reg.
Ms. Marvel: Successfully complete the New York City level.
Nick Fury: Successfully complete the game.
Penance: Defeat him in the portal room to the Negative Zone.
Reed Richards: Select Pro-reg when given the choice, or get him after Iron Man
grants amnesty to Anti-reg.
Songbird: Choose the Register side.
Thor: Collect all five Asgardian Runes.
Venom: Defeat Green Goblin and Venom at the end of Wakanda: Act 3.

Special conversations:
You can have the following special conversations at the HQ with the
corresponding characters:

As Daredevil, talk to Black Widow.
As Invisible Woman or Human Torch, talk to Mr. Fantastic.
As Jean Grey, talk to Cable.
As Spider-Man, talk to Green Goblin.
While in HQ: S. H. I. E. L. D. Command, speak to Mr. Fantastic as Iron Man.
While in HQ: S. H. I. E. L. D. Command, speak to Maria Hill as Iron Man.
While in HQ: Stark Tower, speak to Iron Man as Captain America.
While in HQ: White Star, talk to everyone as Captain America.

Easy Attitude points:
Talk to all characters in an HQ. Select the „Aggressive”, „Diplomatic”, or
„Defensive” response. Save the game, quit, and reload that area. Repeat all the
conversations with different responses to add to your previously earned Attitude

Defeating the final Boss:
Use Storm on your team when fighting the final Boss, especially in Legendary
mode. She is immune to his elemental attacks, thus making the battle much

Trivia answers:
The answers for the trivia mini-game are as follows in order:

-=Act 1: Stark Tower=-
1. Steve Rogers
2. Daredevil
3. Max Dillon
4. Kinetically Charged
5. Wonder Man’s Brother
6. A Gamma Ray Explosion
7. Fly
8. Breathe in Space
9. Susan Storm
10. Jetpacks
11. An Experiment
12. Scorcher
13. Phineas Mason
14. Whirlwind
15. A Rich Industrialist
16. Anthony Edward Stark
17. Espionage Experience
18. Frozen in Ice
19. A Lawyer
20. Remy LeBeau
21. A Schoolyard Fight
22. Create Force Fields
23. Alcoholic
24. Black Widow
25. Bravo Team
26. Electro
27. Damage Control
28. Super Soldier Serum
29. Ben
30. Wisecracks
31. James
32. Adamantium
33. Cosmic Radiation
34. Tribal Elder
35. Plane Crash

-=Act 2: White Star (Anti-Registration)=-
1. Genetic Experiments
2. Seen on Live TV
3. Nitro
4. Vibrating Air Blasts
5. The Daily Bugle
6. In A Refion Of Kenya
7. Yancy Street
8. Fantastic Four
9. Diamondback
10. Vibranium
11. Sight
12. Ice
13. A Space Flight
14. Educator
15. Harlem
16. Heroes For Hire
17. Tranquilizer Darts
18. Lincoln Memorial
19. White Star
20. Mr. Fantastic
21. 16
22. Short Temper
23. Nathan Summers
24. Tandy Bowen
25. His Sister
26. New York
27. Ballet Dancer
28. Advanced Devices
29. Eric Williams
30. Golden Mace
31. Multiple Man
32. New Warriors
33. Herman Schultz
34. Unknown
35. He is in a Comic Book

-=Act 2: Stark Tower (Pro-Registration)=-
1. Scientific Acumen
2. Maria Hill
3. Air Force Pilot
4. Atlantean Royalty
5. Kree Technology
6. Metallurgy
7. Connecticut
8. Ororo Munroe
9. Trained Pilot
10. His Natural Genius
11. Not Related
12. A Barge
13. Baron Zemo
14. Coldheart
15. On Roosevent Island
16. Wolverine
17. Gamma Regulators
18. Nuclear Physics
19. Odin
20. Elder God
21. X-Men
22. Phoenix Force
23. Super-Villain
24. Merc With A Mouth
25. Sanity
26. A Published Novelist
27. Carol Danvers
28. Ironfist
29. Jessica Jones
30. Heroes For Hire
31. X-Men
32. Daredevil
33. Gambit
34. Professional Thief
35. Alternative Future

-=Act 3: Secret Bunker=-
1. A Life Model Decoy
2. Robotic Duplicats
3. Pym Particles
4. Wolfgang Von Strucker
5. James Rhodes
6. Shocker
7. Nobody
8. Telekinesis
9. Russia
10. Cloak And Dagger
11. Light Knives
12. Molten Man
13. Organic Doubles
14. Reed Richards
15. Patriot
16. Negative Zone
17. Being Ex-Shield
18. Hydra
19. Scientist
20. High School Student
21. Latent Mutation
22. Ten
23. Starktech Armor Suit
24. Geffen-Meyer
25. Skybird One
26. 612
27. Hydra Base
28. A Sedative
29. Western New York
30. Capes
31. K’un-L’un
32. His Skeleton
33. Cloak
34. The Thing
35. Robbie Baldwin

-=Act 3: Wakandan Palace=-
1. Howling Commandoes
2. An Alien Organism
3. Hulk
4. Chi Energy
5. Bill Foster
6. Pro Wrestler
7. High Intensity Sonics
8. A Rare Herb
9. Ice And Fire
10. Microwave Energy
11. Alex Summers
12. Rick Jones
13. Cyclops
14. A Vance Astrovik
15. Angelica Jones
16. Psychiatrist
17. Speedball
18. Pain
19. Africa
20. Grey and Cyclops
21. Mjolnir
22. Telekinesis
23. Swanson
24. Venom
25. Thirty Seconds
26. Portal
27. Negative Zone
28. District Attorney
29. Jennifer Walters
30. Engineering
31. Mac Gargan
32. Joseph
33. His Brother
34. WWI Pilot
35. Lawyer