Melty Blood – Actress Again Current Code

Cheat Codes:

Unlockables Characters:
Complete Arcade mode with the indicated person under the Normal or
better difficulty setting without using any continues to unlock the
corresponding characte

Archer – Play as Tohsaka Ri
Assassin – Play as Caste
Berserker – Play as Illyasviel von Einzber
Caster – Play as Kuzuki Soichiro
Emiya Kiritsugu – Play as Sabe
Emiya Shirou – Play as Tohno Shiki or Nanaya Shik.
Fujimura Taiga – Play as Yumiduka Satsuk
Gilgamesh – Unlock all other character
Kotomine Kirei – Play as Ciel or Powered Cie
Kuzuki Soichirou – Play as Nrvnqsr Chao
Lancer – Play as Kotomine Kire
Matou Sakura – Play as Hisu
Matou Shinji – Play as Michael Roa Valdamjon
Neco-Taiga – Play as Fujimura Taig
Rider – Play as Matou Sakura or Matou Shinj
Saber – Play as Emiya Shiro
Tohsaka Rin – Play as Tohno Akiha (either version) or Akiha Vermillio

Secret fight against Eclipse ver Archetype Earth:
To fight against this version of Archetype Earth, you have to:

Win every figh
Win at least one battle with PERFEC
Win several battles with Arc Drive Finis
Have over 2000000 points by the end of match 7 After fulfilling the above conditions, during match 7 (after the first or second battle), „New Challenger” screen will pop up and you’ll engage in the fight against Archetype Earth (Eclipse ver