Novocaine – Platform: DVD

Bunny Outtakes
Go to the [Special Features] menu and highlight „Menu”
below. Now press [Left] to highlight a previously hidden
stuffed bunny in the background. Press [Up] to include a
broken syringe, then [Down] to take away a fraction of
it, and hit [OK] to see about a minute’s worth of bunny

Hidden Storyboard
Go to [Trailers] and go down to highlight [Special Features].
Press [Right] to highlight the small bunny at the top. Once
more, press [Up], then [Down] and [Play] to watch a hidden
storyboard sequence.

Bonus Deleted Scene
Go to [Deleted Scenes] and highlight [Special Features] at
the bottom. Press [Left] to highlight the miniature stuffed
bunny, then [Up] to take away half of it, then [Down] to
highlight it completely again. Press [Enter] to view a short
deleted scene.