Project Rockstar

Project Rockstar

Recording studios:
The following is a list of some of the recording studios
that go with each genre.

Bubblegum Palace
Pop Now
Pop Idols
The Mirrorball

Kerb House
Kaggan MacDuffs Bunker
Rocky Top

Momma Jays Soulful House
Le Palais De LAmour De Cul
Old Man Zekes recording room
Wild Tchoupitoulas
The Fonz Factory

The Waxen Klaw
Sippers Gulch Euphonium
Blip Skittlebones Studio

Buskers recording studio
Honey Beat Boxercise and Dance studios

Hearty Henrys Solo Swing Shack
Solo Mio Sound Studio

Concerto Recordings
Monsieur Jerzimys Studio Lanarchie
Three Crowns production for String and Brass
Chinese Charlies Tortoise Emporium