Psycho Waluigi

Infinite Coin Trick:
When playing as General Hazel, go to Mt. Machina Kingdom and beat the
boss at the end of the stage. Afterwards, you will exit through a door.
To your left, there will be two Gold Jewels worth 5000 coins each. Use
Hazel’s jet-pack to fly over and collect them, then exit through the
pipe in the middle of the room. You should warp back into the factory
from earlier. Once done, you can complete the stage again, beat the
boss, and keep collecting the two Gold Jewels as many times as desired!
Note: Remember to collect the clocks throughout the stage to keep from
running out of time.

Play As General Hazel:
Collect 40 Gold Crowns and beat „Hazel’s Experiment” in World 0.
She has a jet-pack and can easily skip over obstacles, making speed
runs a breeze.