Quantum Break

Cheat Codes:

Alan Wake reference:
There is a classroom in the university that features the name Alan Wake,
which was another game created by the same studi The chalkboard also
lists the main themes of Alan Wak

Development team references:
Watch the mystery trailer found directly in front of the main building
to see a Sam Lak He is the game’s writer and creative directo After
an early encounter, you can find a book inside titled „Time Travel and
Quantum Physics” with a picture of Sam Lak In Act 1: Part 3, there is
a trophy room that displays certificates and photos featuring the game’s

Easy „Everybody Gather Around” achievement:
In Act 2: Part 1, you will walk through a door and immediately see three
enemies with their backs to yo Fully charge your Time Blast, then hit
all three enemies with it to get the „Everybody Gather Around” achievemen

Easy „Spreading Ripples” achievement:
In Act 1 – Part 2, interact with the white board on the right in the
laborator In Act 1: Junction: Hardline/PR when you become Paul Serene
on the way to the end of the level, interact with the small ram statue
on top of the white box next to the white truck on the righ At the end
of the act, the live action show (Episode 1: Monarch Solutions) will begin
and you will get the „Spreading Ripples” achievemen
You will see additional footage of the show for getting all the quantum
ripples in the section, which is indicated when the small Monarch logo
appears in the top right corner of the scree

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