Resident Evil 5 – Platform: XBox 360


being able to be a zombie (anykind)
side kik invinsable to.
more zombies.
less zombies
extra gore.

weapons are more futureistic working and looking.
more choises
extra gocha moments
able use chain saws.
new not all humen zombies.
iron madain is harder to kill up far or close with any weapon.

unlimited amo.
some zombies have better guns.
longer gameplay

any zombie from resadent evil 4 is in the resaident evil 5 serie execpt R. E. 4 bosses.
other humens or cilivans
jason matchatie with blood on it.
invisilbilty ability.

By Jonathan Grice

24 out of 30 Emblems
Chapter 1-2 Emblems

BSAA Emblem #1 – To find the game’s very first emblem, you’ll need to work your way
through a decent portion of Chapter 1-2. There comes a time where you’re able to breach
a house that has three doors leading in, with only one initially unlocked. The house seems
empty until you reach the second floor and work your way out onto the balcony, where a pair
of zombified citizens will attack. Flanking both sides of the second floor are balconies.
One has a treasure (an Antique Clock) in a chest. You want to head to the other balcony.
With your back facing the entrance back into the building, go to the right side of the
balcony and look across the way, where the BSAA Emblem you seek is hanging from a nearby house.

BSAA Emblem #2 – There comes a time in Chapter 1-2 when you reach a mostly-destroyed building
with a completely vacant first floor. When you climb the stairs to the second floor, you’ll
find a downed BSAA soldier, which will let you know that you’re on the right path. Around the
bend from where this foe is found is a ladder leading upward. When you circle around the pathway
from here, you’ll find a treasure chest which contains several pieces of gold. Before wrapping
around and jumping towards this treasure chest, look upwards. You’ll find a suspended water tank.
This particular emblem is located off of one of its support beams. A pistol should do the trick.

BSAA Emblem #3 – This one can be found at the very end of the chapter. After you defeat the wormy
boss enemy and are able to use the Furnace Key you procured to open the previously-locked door,
you’ll be lead to a linear corridor that leads to an elevator and, ultimately, to the end of the
mission. There are no enemies down here, so there’s little to worry about. You’ll eventually run
across a briefcase with three boxes of handgun ammunition. While facing the case, move slightly
to the left and look through the chain link fence that marks the right side of the path. In the
distance, through the fence, you should be able to find and destroy the emblem you seek, sitting
on a far-off wall.

Chapter 2-1 Emblems

BSAA Emblem #4 – From the warehouse in which you start the mission in, simply work your way towards
the wall of the structure that contains the door you will use to leave the building. This door is
on the left side of the wall. In the middle of the wall, you can find a gigantic garage door. And
to the right of the garage door, hanging on the wall, is this glowing blue emblem.

BSAA Emblem #5 – You must first cross the enemy-filled bridge on Chapter 2-1. After eliminating the
driver of the renegade truck crossing the bridge, you’ll be able to deal with all of his friends on
foot. Proceeding forward to the far side of the bridge, you’ll eventually once again reach dry land.
After exploring for items, you’ll need to find a staircase next to the bridge in order to proceed.
As you go down the stairs, take a look at the bridge’s support beams. The beam in the middle leading
into the water, the one surrounded by white cloth, contains the emblem you seek.

BSAA Emblem #6 – This might be one of the most obscurely-hidden of all thirty emblems in the entire
game. It can be found in the waterside village area of Chapter 2-1, where you’re attempting to find
a key to open the locked dock gate. Before jumping into the house to find the key, thus starting a
series of events involving endless onslaughts of dangerous enemies, seek out an epically small
vendor’s stand, big enough to hold only one person. Approach the front of the stand and look through
the window, peeking upward at the inside of the roof. You’ll barely see the emblem in question.

BSAA Emblem #7 – After you use the Port Key and work your way across the boat and the docks thereafter,
you’ll come to an area where a friendly helicopter will show up on-scene and begin to cause havoc for
your adversaries. While you’ll want to supplement their fire with some of your own, use this opportunity
to run forward, seeking out a ladder on your right. This ladder leads to an elevated platform over a
small building. Move forward along this elevated area and aim your gun at the house across the way.
You should be able to easily hit the emblem within the building by shooting through one of the open windows.

BSAA Emblem #8 – This emblem is easy to miss if you aren’t careful. Well into Chapter 2-1, you’ll
encounter a couple of sections where a helicopter covers your path. This particular emblem is found
after the helicopter leaves the scene and you begin climbing up the three-story house that the
cannon-fodder for the helicopter was pouring out of in the first place. After exploring the house
thoroughly, climb up to the third floor. An assist jump must occur at this point for the mission to
continue, but before doing that, turn around and face the door on the third floor which you came out
of. This emblem is sitting above and slightly to the right of the door, in between the roof and the

Chapter 2-2 Emblems

BSAA Emblem #9 – After leaving the house that acts as your starting point, you’ll come across a train
yard full of currently-unused train cars. You’ll be forced to navigate your way between and around
them, fighting a few groups of dogs as you go. Eventually, after killing the dogs and destroying the
second booby-trapped explosive you find, you can climb atop some wooden planks that will give you
access to a ladder leading to the top of the trains. After dealing with the zombies you find up here,
you can turn around and face the building which you previously left. In the distance beyond it is a
huge electrical pole. The emblem you seek is attached to the side of said tower.

BSAA Emblem #10 – The beginning segment of the chapter will ultimately bring you to a dark, dreary
cavern where either you or your partner are forced to holster their weaponry in lieu of carrying a
lantern. As you move forward through the cavern (that’s generally linear, but not completely so),
you’ll eventually reach a bridge spanning a gap. When you reach this bridge, head to the middle part
of it and then look to your right. Along the water-covered wall is the emblem, sitting clearly on
the rockface.

BSAA Emblem #11 – Do you know when you leave the dark cavern via the elevator and emerge back
outside? Well, you’ll run into an enemy during a cutscene and thereafter traverse the two-story
building he was occupying. At that time, you’ll ultimately work your way back out of the building
and continue along to an area rife with enemies, including one on a mounted machine gun. Once you’ve
cleared the entire area of foes, head forward along the arcing pathway, and then turn around with a
sniper rifle in hand. The emblem is sitting slyly on the side of the white factory-like building
there, but remember to move as far away from the building as possible, or your view of the emblem’s
location might be obscured.

Chapter 3-1 Emblems

BSAA Emblem #12 – You’ll automatically begin on a dock adjacent to a speedboat that will be used
to traverse the swampy terrain all around you. But before exploring the land to your right or
getting on the boat to your left, move forward along the dock. You must have a sniper rifle to get
this emblem, by the way. There’s a telegraph line to your left. Follow the line out into the water
until it runs into a makeshift support beam. It’s on this very beam that the small, small emblem
(from this distance) can be seen. Aim carefully and take it out.

BSAA Emblem #13 – In the large swampy area you have to traverse via a speedboat, head to the
northwestern corner of the map, where a small collection of open-air huts can be found. Disembark
from your craft and move forward along the dock to the main hut there. Enter it and look up at the
inside of the roof, where this emblem can be plainly seen.

BSAA Emblem #14 – In the swampy area where you need to get around with your speedboat, head to the
anomaly in the middle of the swamp. This small area doesn’t contain anything of interest other than
some items and a robust chicken population. It does, however, contain an emblem. You need to be in
a very specific area to find it and hit it, however. As soon as you get off the boat, freeze. Equip
your sniper rifle and look straight ahead towards the hut there. The hut is slightly raised. Point
the rifle below it and seek out the emblem hanging below the hut. If you move any closer than this
to the hut, chances are you won’t see it, since your character, for whatever reason, can’t crouch.

BSAA Emblem #15 – The final emblem is found after you’ve managed to open the sealed door by using
the four slates you found around the swampy locale. In fact, once you go through the once-sealed
door, you can find the emblem almost immediately. Head through the door and walk down the short
dock until you can’t anymore. Look rightward and drop down off of the dock into the shallow water.
Then, face the dock and begin looking underneath it. The emblem you seek is sitting underneath the
dock, waiting for a shot from your gun-of-choice.

Chapter 3-2 Emblems

BSAA Emblem #16 -This involves fighting a lot of angry natives and getting a bridge that was risen
to be laid down once more. After crossing the bridge and traversing the cavernous pathway thereafter,
you’ll find yourself back outside. To your right, after passing through some high grass, you’ll see
two TriCell-labeled tents. Head into either tent, and go through the door at the back end, along the
rockface. Then, head to where the two tents come together and look towards the center of the area.
You’ll see this emblem nudged in between the two tents, but keep in mind that you must go to the
back end of the tents to see it. Otherwise, you’ll never get to view it, nonetheless destroy it.

BSAA Emblem #17 -You’ll arrive at a dock where one of your enemies is making a getaway on his boat.
After the boat „gets away, ” a timer will appear on-screen. You’ll have two minutes to scurry through
huge groups of enemies to the far side of the dock, where a friendly boat is waiting to take you away
in pursuit. However, before running away, turn around and, with your back facing the building you
earlier traversed, head into the little shack on your right. In here, on the wall, you’ll find the
emblem you seek, but be warned! Two minutes is not a lot of time to get through your enemies, so
waste as little time as humanly possible here.

Chapter 3-3 Emblems

BSAA Emblem #18 – The mission will begin with you in a boat in a sort of on-rails segment (a
motif that transcends the entire chapter, in fact). There comes a point where the boat stops
for the very first time, so that Chris and Sheva can clean up the Majini mess in the area and
hit a switch so that a sealed door will open, allowing the party to proceed. It’s during this
segment that the emblem can be found. There’s a bridge gapping the water here that’s split in
two segments, forcing you to jump over a part of the water. Jump over this gap so that you’re
on the left side, facing the way you came. Then, look above the opening, and you’ll see the slight
glint of the emblem in question.

Chapter 4-1 Emblems

BSAA Emblem #19 – From the starting point, traverse the docks and broken-down shack, which
will lead to a linear cavernous pathway. Things will remain relatively quiet on this pathway
for a moment, but ultimately, you’ll draw out a batch of Bui Kichwa — zombie spiders — that
you’ll need to deal with. Beyond them is a ladder leading upward. This ladder lets you proceed
with the mission, but for the time being, simply ignore it. Instead, walk past it, which will
likely draw out more spiders. After killing them, stare off into the chasm, positioning yourself
near the makeshift wooden fence. You should see this emblem tucked into a crevasse along the
rockface in the distance, near a small waterfall. Take aim at it with your pistol for an easy hit.

BSAA Emblem #20 – To find it, you must first journey through the initial part of the chapter,
which will ultimately bring you across myriad waves of spiders and a sealed door that requires
both characters to open it (the treasure-wielding animal skulls on the ground in front of the
door will let you know you’re on the right track). Once through the door, you’ll be introduced
to this new, vast area. Take a look forward and to the left, where a prism-like gem is sitting
atop a huge stand in the center of the area. It will be basking in much sunlight. On the stand
of this gem, underneath it, sits this emblem. Use a sniper rifle to clobber it.

BSAA Emblem #21 – where you and your partner have to run around crumbling ruins to pull a series
of dueling pulleys attached to statues glowing with certain colorful hues. As soon as you enter
this area, you can strike this emblem from afar and add its destruction to your repertoire. Move
rightward from the entrance and then shift leftward over some debris that creates a makeshift
bridge. Then, look leftward. You’re seeking out a statue that’s colored light green. Almost
directly above the statue in question, you’ll see the faint glint of this emblem. Strike it with
the weapon of your choice.

Chapter 4-2 Emblems

BSAA Emblem #22 – After using the three emblems to open the sealed door near the beginning of the
chapter, you’ll gain access to an underground area full of puzzles. These puzzles are dependent on
lasers being manipulated across rooms in patterns, so that the laser can hit certain mirrors and
open the way to the next puzzle. This emblem is found near the third one of these puzzles, in a
room with a treasure chest, and the first room in the puzzle set that has peripheral rooms off of
the main chamber. Directly across from the elevator you used to access this room, run into the small
adjacent chamber. Attack and kill the Bui Kichwa that appear, and then turn around and face the door
jam. This emblem is hanging on the inside of this small room, above the door. Use your pistol to
easily destroy it.

Chapter 5-1 Emblems

BSAA Emblem #23 – You’ll find yourself in an eerie locale full of mysterious flowers, the presumed
result of a collaboration between Umbrella and TriCell. You’ll need to head straight through the
flora-filled area to a metal bridge that leads to a concrete tunnel. This tunnel leads to a red door
we need to head through to proceed. However, it’s the bridge that’s of real importance in terms of
finding this emblem. Instead of walking over it, traverse the circular area so that you can view the
right side of it. The emblem in question is sitting snuggly (and obviously) underneath the bridge.

Chapter 5-2 Emblems

BSAA Emblem #24 – It’s located immediately after you successfully traverse the second conveyor belt
you encounter. Not the first, but the second. After traversing the danger and shutting down the
conveyor belt, run down the nearby staircase and look to your left. You’ll see an open, blue-colored
dumpster. Examine inside of it and you’ll see the emblem in question. Keep in mind you’ll need to use
a weapon like a sniper rifle to hit it, because even though you’re at close range, Chris won’t lift
his pistol high enough to strike it with that standard weapon.

Easy Ammo:

How, To, Get easy ammo first of all you need to have gotten to chapter 6-2 the main deck when you
fight the Uroborus give sheva the ltd (laser targeting device)
then everytime he drops those little guys kill all of them and they should have loads of ammo less
ammo drops if u repeatedly do this on the same difficulty try switching them around also if you have

Reload Cancel:

To Do A Reload Cancel Shoot A majini in the head arm or leg then switch to a wepon such as the
hydra shotgun or m500 magnum and then reload it and meelee it the same time your gun will be
reloaded and the meelee will have worked to (note: Doesnt Work On Floored Majini)