Sonic And The Secret Rings – Platform: Wii

Defeating the final Boss:
Darkspines’ new ability is vital to this battle. By shaking the Wiimote up
and down, Darkspines is able to charge his Soul gauge. The final Boss has
four types of attacks. The first consists of multiple energy balls being
hurdled towards you. He will use this attack at the very beginning of the
battle, making it impossible to use slow down time. Just move to the left
and right to avoid this first barrage. Any other time he uses this attack,
you should slow down time to dodge them. His second attack involves him
slashing at Sonic with his claws. Simply look where the white lines appear
on the screen and dodge accordingly. Make sure to jump if he slashes at the
bottom of the screen. His third attack will not occur until you make your
first round of hits. Here he creates blue energy balls that draw you in for
damage. Also slow down time for this one and use short jump if needed for
speed dodging. His final attack leaves him open for attack. Here he creates
a huge energy ball above his head. Speed break to stop the energy ball.
When you make contact, Sonic will try to push it back. Shake the Wiimote
rapidly to send it back Then, shake the Wiimote to charge Sonic’s Soul gauge
and perform another speed break. Sonic will greet the Boss’ weak point on
his forehead. Again, shake the Wiimote rapidly to attack his weak spot.
After Sonic sends him flying, recharge your Soul gauge for the next round.