Space Rangers HD – A War Apart

Cheat Codes:

Hold CTRL+SHIFT on your keyboard as you enter the codes below to produce the
corresponding effec Note that meteors and asteroids may spawn erratically,
which can lead the game to become unplayabl

Code Effect
ammo – Turns on unlimited ammo and fue
god – Become invincibl
gun – Produces a copy of all weapons for your inventor
vertix – Spawns 5 vertixes (in your storage
device – Spawns a set of the best equipmen
arts – Spawns a set of all artifact
module – Spawns all module
skill – Maxes out all skill
programm – Produces 100 copies of all program
illness – Makes the player sic
stimulant – The player receives all stimulants, good for one yea
ideal – Gives the player’s ship the ideal hull typ
showmap – Display the entire ma
medal – Awards all medals the player doesn’t already hav
horror – Turn on Terrible dominator
nightmare – Turn on Nighmarish dominator
hell – Turn on Hellish dominator
technic – Unbreakable equipmen
hole – Creates a black hole and allows you to choose which hyperspace
map you want it to lead t
boom – Destroy all enemies unless Keller is present (Hyperspace
klissanitem – Get a Dominator weapon (space station
bigmoney – Gives 1000 credits (Equipment screen
hugemoney – Gives 10000 credits (Equipment screen
rangerpoints – Gives 1000 ranger points (Ranger center
repair – Repair all items (in space, when very near a sun
packing – Weight of all items are set to 50% (in space

Easy „Need For Velocity” achievement:
Use Black Hole bonuses since the speed upgraded Maloq or Peleng engines with
micromodules will not be enoug In addition to using the upgraded Temporal
Engine from the Black Hole (1070), use the following:

* Fast Hull III (+200 speed)
* Gaalian Alacrity (1476, Stimulant taken at Medical Station)
* Nozzlenator (1606, Artifact from Black Holes or probing, +200 speed)
* Matter-Psi Accelerator (1785, Artifact from Black Holes or probing)
* Activate Afterburner (2320)

Note: The Temporal Engine must be from the Black Hole because the Dominator,
Pirate, or Coalition Temporal Engine will not get as much benefit from the
Nozzlenator and Matter-Psi Accelerato