Complete the following Tasks to earn the listed achievemen To view your achievements
and stats in Steam, select „Community”, then search for the game hub that corresponds
to [Spacecom Select the „View Stats” drop down option, then choose the option for
your username’s achievement

Aikido Win a match with only 3 or less fleets left alive (Multiplayer
Anyone there, Write something on cha
Behind enemy lines Loose a fleet to attrition in any match (any game mode
Completionist Complete all optional objectives in single player mission
Flawless victory Don,t loose a single fleet in a multiplayer matc
Fortificator Build a Battlestation or a Shield within 10 minutes of a multiplayer match commencin
Full Service Complete all single player mission
Just An Oversight Loose a match with 10 or more fleets alive (Multiplayer
Landgrab Capture 4 systems within 10 minutes of a multiplayer match commencin
Master Achiever Unlock all achievements, apart from this on
Multitasking Fight 4 battles at the same time in a match (any game mode
Not built for the purpose Win a space battle with Siege fleets (any game mode
Not One Step Back Don’t loose a single system in a multiplayer matc
Reconnaissance Complete a multiplayer match on every map in the gam
Scorched Earth Destroy at least 80% of systems on the map (Multiplayer or Skirmish
Shock and Awe Destroy an enemy fleet within first 10 minutes of a multiplayer matc
Territory Control Control at least 80% of the systems on the map (Multiplayer or Skirmish