Super Mario bros – Platform: Nintendo DS

R4 cheats:

If you have super mario on the game R4. and you have not completed it.
Don’t go on the game but when you have got it underneath on the bottom
there is a sign that says cheat(y) click on that then sort what you want
to do then save and exit and go on the game! Then you might know that you
have on the back of your DS L and R pess L, R, L, R, L then play the game and
you should play as luigi and you should of completed it all!!!

How to become Luigi:

when you get to the main menu you have the options Mario Games, Mini Games. . . ext, Well,
Hold down (L)& (R) while choosing Mario The Game, Then Click the world your on ( while
holding down (L)& (R) ) and when u start YOUR LUIGI!!! YAY!!