Superstars V8 Racing – Platform: Playstation 3

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

The first stage of the podium (Bronze): Win your first race.
The roar of the Jaguar (Bronze): Win a race using one of the Jaguar of the
Ferlito Motors team.
Girl Power (Bronze): Win a race using Maria De Villota.
Race of Good Hope (Bronze): Win a race on Kyalami with Francesco Ascani.
It’s raining cats and. . . jaguars? (Bronze): Win a race on Magione with wet
weather using the Ferlito Motors Jaguar.
The sunny side of the street (Bronze): Win a race on Valencia on sunny weather
using the SSantucci Motorsport Mustard.
The rainy side of the street (Bronze): Win a race with wet weather in any game
The driver more than the car (Bronze): Win at least a race with every team in
the game.
I like simulation (Bronze): Win a race in simulation mode at Legend difficulty
Komodo Dragon (Bronze): Win a race in Varano at Hard or Legend difficulty
Speed Temple (Bronze): Win a race on Monza at Legend difficulty level.
All roads lead to Rome (Bronze): Win a race on Vallelunga Track.
Gear Power (Bronze): Win a race using manual transmission.
Unrivaled (Bronze): Win a race with a 15 seconds gap or more from the second
Smells like burnt rubber (Bronze): Win a race performing 10 seconds of
The first of a long series (Bronze): Complete one of the challenges of the
Superstars Licenses Mode.
Mister Tester (Bronze): Complete 15 laps in Training Mode with the same
I’m in love with my car (Bronze): Drive for at least 200 km in Single Player
mode with the same team.
A present for you! (Bronze): Unlock a Prize.
Superstars veteran (Silver): Win at least 10 races.
Mister Pole Position (Silver): Achieve at least 8 Pole Positions in the same
A new danger on the track (Silver): Complete all the Special Trials
The Final Countdown (Silver): Complete all the Countdown challenges.
Owned! (Silver): Complete all the Duels challenges.
Not a comedy (Silver): Complete all the Race Scenarios challenges.
The king of hourglass (Silver): Beat at least 8 different records in Training.