The Black Knight

The Black Knight

Submitted by: David K.

Be careful in the shop:
Buy powerups only when necessary as they cost money and make
it that much harder to complete a level.

Buy powerup weapons:
Each better level of weapon will extract more gold upon each hit.
Be careful that you have enough money to spare to complete the
next level before buying an upgrade. Each time you upgrade the
King asks for a little less taxes the next few levels as he knows
the upgrade will haul in more plus he runs the shop and makes money
there too.

The King is adjustable:
The King is extremely greedy and his never-ending thrist for money.
He will watch your performance on each level and constantly bump up
his expectation for the next level according to how much you scored
on the previous level.

Use temporary upgrades:
Use the temporary upgrades such as Strength Tonic and Lucky Amulet
wisely. On later levels these with upgraded weapons these items will
allow you to haul in enormous amounts of taxes.