Tomb Raider – Chronicles

Tomb Raider – Chronicles

Hex cheat:
By: Mustafa

The Hex address -1D7- is for the number of secret flowers you got in all the
game (36) so change the value to 36 (24 in hex) to get all the secret
flowers and see all the gallery pics.

note: dont change the value more than 36 or you will get 0 flowers!

Hint to avoid three dragons in TRAJANS MARKETS:

When you face the 2nd Cyber man (robot) in room with sofas and glass table, never combat
because you never kill him. Hitting frequently on it just exposes his mechanical body and
as a result you lose all you bullets and energy. Run through the corridor which have three
long pits and one side consists of glass walls from where helicopter target and fire rapid
on you. Run fast and jump from these pit. You must do it very fast because now you have
two enemies to which you escape. (i) Helicopter. (ii) Cyber man with rapid silencer pistol.
During crossing corridor at the end on right side you see a path leads up and straight.
Cross it and go through room consist of large glass window quickly run and turn left to another
gallery. I recommended sprint here by pressing Question mark button. At initial way of it
you see another path on left side going down slope. Reach there and quickly push the switch
when you see the cyber man cross you above you head from transparent glass roof with rods.
As it cross you push the switch and trapped him under room with two metal doors now which
are close. Note this is little difficult to trapped the cyber man if he runs through these
door and follow you then you fail so try it again by saving game but I recommended never gave
game lots of times in these three stage because they trigger bugs in game. Now you are free
to do other works.
Go through the path where you see H and ladder symbol. Now as you pushed the 1st switch the
red laser trap finishes from front and left paths of interchange. (Consists of 4 paths). Run
to left side the door opens automatically. Here be careful, you slowly lose you energy and
breathe. The green gas is being discharge from air windows covering all rooms inside. Do what
ever but quickly. Go straight then left, both doors open automatically. This room have small
crate on which there is a switch push it make the door unlock at first room left side where
you enter this side from interchange with red laser. Then take a golden rose secret on the
right side of switch in cave (secret no.36/36) where you also find fresh oxygen. As you come
in this room similarly get out from here but on the way you found on or two soldiers ready to
kill you. It is optional to fight with them or not. If you have no bullets then escape nearly
from them. They never chase you and reach to first room. Now the door will open on right side
when you cross it. This is a hexagonal window room. On other side of the window Lara see the
cyber man rounding. Trigger the switch on crate makes the other side gas leakage due to which
the cyber man kill and leave the 2nd half of key bit. Then again push the switch. Now reach to
the interchange and turn right. You see the tag of path CAUTION and keep out.
Go on that path and then turn right on same site where you are in history, push the switch
makes the trap room doors open. Go there and collect 2nd half of key bit and combine them.
Now you have to go from the trap room to the corridor of helicopter. After reaching there
quickly turn right and go into shelter then turn right to safely reach the interchange again
run left and jump to hold the up stand climb ladder and at top lean rightward. Through the
Lara on two pink long stack of crates. Boy zip congratulates you and wants to leave this duty.
Drop your self and put the key into template. The door to the helipad open upsl!
ope to give Lara a way to escape by help of engine less plane (Glider).
That is an end of this mess. Hope to see and hear from you in
Tomb raider 6 The Angel of darkness.