Twelve Dragon’s Room – Twelve Signs Vol.3

You need to find six yellow balls and two discs
Batteries – clock and lamp base

Red key scorpion
Green key when robot activated and lights off under sofa

-Tail of scorpion
-Row of yellow balls and a disc
-Lamp shade
-Side of box kneeling figure

With batteries in robot and lights off (card in water figure)
Bull’s knee

-Lights on…..use green key on box and get another disc and put
them behind the star picture
-Lights off
-Final ball from lions leg and card from box (red key)
-Last card from mirror
-Place yellow balls on podiums with lights off and on to get all the figures
and note letters/numbers


heaven +
hell –
earthly 0

i z heaven 1 = 1
ii o hell 22 = 2
iii d heaven 15 = s
iv i hell 24 = t
v a earthly 7 = a
vi c heaven 15 r

You can get the password
— Click door and out.