y the spell. It will only

y the spell. It will only
be 160 gold. Use the spell a few times (at least two to three times recommended). Your
stats should stay enhanced. Then, go to the nearest person that sells picks. Buy the
Journey Mans Pick for 40 gold. You now have a pick that will open any lock (level 100)
in the game.

Easy leveling:
During the early stages of the game, kill an ordinary creature within the world of
Morrowind. However while fighting with a foe in caverns, huts, and houses, give as much
damage as possible to opponents. Just before the end of the lifepoints, leave the area
by using the doors. When you get outside you will see that no one follows you out. When
you are out, try to heal yourself by resting then return to the fight. Keep doing this
until the opponents are dead. The best way to fight is to be near a door. In the early
stages you can do this with one strong foe until you can level up. This trick is not
valid for the ancestral tombs or similar buildings filled with creatures that magic
or enchanted weapons are required to kill.

Easy money:
Create a spell of Fortify Agility (include Soul Trap). Cast it at least twenty times.
Then, create a powerful Feather spell (include Soul Trap). Cast the spell fifteen to
twenty times. Buy an Almsivi or Divine Intervention scroll/spell or Mark and Recall
spell. Mark a place where you will be near a rich merchant. Purchase a good weapon
and get ready to fight. Try going to the Tower of Tel Fyr, southeast of Wolverine
Hall in Sadrith Mora. You will need a levitation potion or spell that lasts long.
Enter the tower and kill one of Divath Fyrs daughters. Save the game before you
do this. Enter Divaths Study and use the spell/potion. They will attack you, but
will miss every time. Kill off the other daughters. If you have not been through the
main quest with Divath Fyr, do not attack him. If you kill him, load your game again.
Now that the daughters are dead, take their items. Divath Fyr cannot hit you; start
taking the items in the rooms. He tries to hit you, but you will not take any damage.
In the room where Divath was standing, there is an index to Indoranyon, a Dwemer
Cylinder, and a key to one of the chests in the Corprusarium. Take those and anything
else you left behind. Note: If you are in Telvanni, you will be expelled. Enter the
Corprusarium and do not talk to the Argonian. Find the first chest and take everything
in it. Search the other chests until you find the key to the chest in the Corprusarium
Bowels next to the diseased dwarf. Open it and take the weapon Volendrung.
Then, use your scroll/spell to get back to a nearby merchant.

Easy money:
Look for shells under water. Open them and collect the pearl(s). Also, in Pealegia,
you will find a small village. It includes people with braces on their wrist. Go in
the building with the two male blue people. Upstairs is a 44,000 gold gauntlet. Enable
the Unlimited health code, kill the person near it, but be prepared for the other
person to teleport behind you. Kill him and steal everything in their house. Sell
their valuables to anyone who will buy them.

Keep bound weapons:
To keep bound weapons in you inventory, enchant any weapon with a constant effect
of Bound Weapon. When you equip the newly enchanted weapon, it will be replaced by
the bound weapon. Then, check the menu. You should have both the enchanted weapon
and the bound weapon in your inventory. The enchanted weapon can then be dropped,
and the bound weapon will remain in your inventory. The weapon is not only powerful,
but is weightless and will fortify the skill of the weapon by 10 points. The enchantment
can be done for a cost of around 5000 to 10,000 gp, depending on who you have enchant
it and how much they like you. Also, the Constant effect enchantment trick can be used
so that a good Soul Gem is not wasted. Note: Save the game before trying this trick, as
the game may freeze. Additionally, you cannot get rid of the weapons.

Permanently summoned creatures:
Make spell of summon creature (for example, Summon Daedra 1 second on self with a
Soul Trap on target). Look at the ground between your feet then cast the spell. You
should see a purple design. The creature will be permanent until killed.
Note: The creature will attack you if you attack it. Also, this will work with multiple
creatures and one Soul Trap on the same spell. For example, Soul Trap, Golden Saint,
Greater Bone Walker, Frost Atronach, Fire Atronach, Storm Atronach, Winged Twilight,
and Ascended Sleeper). The spell can be cast multiple times for an army of creatures.

Getting a stronghold:
A stronghold is a base where you can put all your items, and has people to train you
living there in separate houses. To get a stronghold, you must join one of the
following Houses: House Hlaalu, House Redoran, or House Telvanni. They are based at
Balmora, Ald Ruhn, and Sadrith Mora, respectively. If you are stealth-based, go with
Hlaalu; combat-based to Redoran; and magic-based to Telvanni. Do many quests for your
house until you get to rank 6. Then, one of your quest-givers should mention a strong
hold. It is a very long quest divided into three parts. Each differ, depending on the
house. During the quest, you must get to rank 7 in the house before it is completed.
Once you have a stronghold, you can take or drop anything in your own house without
criminal charges, as you did buy the land during the quest.

Easy money:
If you are low on finances, enable the Health code, then go down to the Godsreach
sewers. Kill every Goblin you can find. Their shields are worth 1,000 gold and some
of them have clubs that are worth 3,000. Also, you can go to the Great Bazaar sewers.
There are a lot of the Dark Brotherhood down there, with very expensive items.
Go down there with pack rats, or better yet, a mercenary to help carry your goods.

Kill without getting a bounty:
Note: This trick will work on anyone except yourself. Find the person or thing you want
to kill. In the PC version, press ~ to display the console window. Click on the person
you want to kill. Make sure the console window title changes. Type sethealth 0 then
close the console window the same way you opened it. The person will drop dead, with no
change to your bounty level. Note: Do not do this on someone important as they cannot
be revived. You can also make someone talk while lying on the floor. For example, in
the beginning when you enter the census office, walk behind the old man (that actually
talks to you and gives you your class and star sign). Enable the cheat to kill him
before he starts talking or during his first words. If you are lucky, he will land on
his back. Repeat the cheat, but type sethealth 100 and he will begin talking again
while on the floor.

Talk to any of the four Thieves Guild members who get the bounties off your head (at
the Balmora Soth Wall Conerclub, rat in the Pot in Ald-Ruhn, etc.). Drop all your gold,
then talk to them again without any money. They will take the bounty off for free.
Note: This does not work in the Game Of The Year version on the Xbox or expansion packs
on the PC. When you want items or money, go to a store without a guard, or with a guard
if you can kill them (the pawnbroker in Balmora is recommended). First, go to pickpocket
the shopkeeper, but do not take anything. Just press B. This may require a few attempts
if your sneak is high. They will attack you first, so you can now kill them.
When it is all over, your bounty for attempted theft will be 25 Drakes, and you can
take anything in the shop.

One hit kill spell:
You will need the following spells: Shock Damage, Frost Damage, and Soul Trap. This will
cost about 3,500. You will also need over 6000 Luck and a lot of Magicka. To do that,
use this spell: Fortify Luck at 100 for two seconds; Soul Trap for two seconds. Fire
this at a wall until you get your luck high enough. Then, make this spell: Shock Damage
at 90 for two second on target; Frost Damage at 90 for two seconds on target; (for
monsters) Soultrap for two seconds on target. This spell will take out Ordinators with
one hit and will trap any monster it hits if you have the Soul Gems. It will not trap
named monsters if you have the Soul Gems.

Good armor and weapons:
Use the following steps to get a great helm, Daedric Dagger, and other magical items.
In Dagon Fel, go east to the Dwenmer Tower. It would be a good idea to have a good
weapon and the continuous healing cheat or some healing potions. When you go inside
the tower there are three people who will attack you. They carry good items. In the
room across from the stairs is a ladder leading up. Climb up to find a man.
Kill him quickly. On him you will find the Masque of Clavical Vile, which has 114
armor and increases personality by 30. The Daedric Dagger is on a table.

Daedric Boots:
Daedric Boots can be found west of Erabenimsun Camp in a Drummer Ruin.

Boots Of The Apostle:
Go to Gnisis then go south to the Koal cave entrance. Then, move east until you
reach to a Dunmer stronghold called Berandas. Berandas is very close to Koal cave.
Go inside then go down to the bottom level. You will come across a place where
there are three ways to go. Choose the left side and keep walking. You will find
a room with a dead man wearing the boots.