1503 A.D. – The New World

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1503 A.D. – The New World

Type in 'Mastertag’ as a case-sensitive code during game play to enable
cheat mode. Note: This only works in certain versions of the game. Then,
enter one of the following codes.

Effect Code
Money – {Ctrl} + M
Tools – {Ctrl} + T
Wood – {Ctrl} + H
Stone – {Ctrl} + Z
All building – {Alt} + P
Food – {Alt} + N
Clothing – {Alt} + K
Iron Ore – {Alt} + W
Alcohol – {Alt} + A
Bricks – {Alt} + Z
Cloth – {Alt} + C
Lamp Oil – {Alt} + L
Tobacco – {Alt} + R
Spice – {Alt} + G
Look up AI players – {Alt} + F

Easy money:
Use a text editor to edit the bgruppen.dat file in the \1503 ad\data
folder. Look for the following entries in the file, about one fifth of the
way down.

Preis : 900
PreisLevel : 0,5,10

Change the price (preis), as already done, to 900 and your people will
pay it. Obviously, other prices can be changed (Salz is salt, etc.), but
be careful. Do not mark up something that you plan on importing.

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