• 18 Wheels of Steel – Across America

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    18 Wheels of Steel – Across America

    In your My Documents folder, open your 18 Wheels of Steel folder. Use Notepad to
    open the config file. Change the line:

    uset g_console 0 to uset g_console 1

    While playing, press [~] (tilde) to bring up the console, then type any of the
    following codes:

    NOTE: To open the console, you need to download patch 1.10.

    $100,000 – cheat money
    All truck dealers – cheat dealers
    All truck drivers – cheat drivers
    Maximum star rating – cheat stars

    1.First u must start a new game and the city must be New York
    2.Then u must color ur truck blue
    3.Then ride to the New York Truck Dealer
    4.Then when u go to Buy Truck there would be the 2 best trucks in the game

    Another way to get more money [all ver.]:

    This method is base on editing files, so make sure to BACKUP base.scs
    Note: This file is about 135mb. In that case, it will little bit slow while
    you editing this file. So be patience

    To edit this file we have to use windows

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