• 18 Wheels Of Steel – American Long Haul

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    18 Wheels Of Steel – American Long Haul

    Use a text editor to edit the config.cfg file in the \18 WoS American Long Haul\

    Changes these lines:

    uset g_console 0
    uset g_developer 0
    uset g_police 0


    uset g_console 1
    uset g_developer 1
    uset g_police 1

    This will (in order), enable ~ to display the console window; enable developer mode;
    and disable the police. To activate the remaining cheat codes, press ~ during game
    play to display the console window.

    Cheat money/ cheat driver/ cheat rating x:
    Submitted by: KODY FLEMING

    The cheat code must be entered in the by pressing the {Tab} key and entering the
    correct cheat code to work.

    cheat money – Gives you $500.000
    cheat driver – Gives you a random driver
    cheat rating X – Company rating increased
    (where X is a two-digit company number from 00-23)

    This cheat is about getting all garages for free.

    * Open saved files. Go 2 your last saved game folder.
    (Mostly it would be tha last.)
    * Open game.sii with notepad. Search for such file:

    vehicle_garage : garage.albuquerque {
    purchase_price: 0
    city_name: albuquerque
    stored_vehicles: 0
    open: –>(false)

    * Now in your file change false to true.
    * Do not change any thing else.
    * Do this for all garage files.
    * Thats it u done.
    * own all garages.

    For more queries and hints post me at

    Unforgiving Weather:

    If you want to had a bad weather…just edit the game.sii in ALH save file..find this

    bad_weather_intensity: 0
    stored_rain_intensity: 0
    stored_snow_intensity: 0

    and change it to

    bad_weather_intensity: 1
    stored_rain_intensity: 1
    stored_snow_intensity: 1

    …try the game….and you will have looks like white one come down……….if you
    doesn’t like it. Just change the digit to 0 and the good things is….
    It works with all 18 WOS edition. Except for Extreme Trucker.

    Erasing Your Loan:

    Again like most other cheats go into Documents and then into 18 Wheels Of Steel ALH
    folder and into saves folder under the save you want to erase loan from go to that
    number (1-6) and then go to Game.sii. Look for line under bank_account that says loan
    and change the number to 0 and that should wipe out your loan.


    open the file where your last game was saved
    [C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\My Documents\18 WoS American Long Haul\save]
    open the folder 1 and open the first file using a word editor find trucks and enter
    8 instead of 1 then enter these text save it and open the games which you had saved at
    first now enjoy

    the code:
    trucks[1]: _nameless.0EEA.5890
    trucks[2]: _nameless.2051.2E20
    trucks[3]: _nameless.2058.0ED0
    trucks[4]: _nameless.0EEA.EA08
    trucks[5]: _nameless.21C2.C0D8
    trucks[6]: _nameless.2059.2E00
    trucks[7]: _nameless.2058.1050

    $1 million:
    Use a text editor to edit a saved game file in the save directory in the game folder.
    Note: The saved game files should have a number as the file name.
    Locate the money_account: line, and replace the numbers that follow it with 1,000,000.

    Set number of drivers:
    Use a text editor to edit the game.sii file in the newest directory used to hold the
    saved game files. Change the value of the drivers: line as desired.

    Eliminate loan:
    Use a text editor to edit the game.sii file in the newest directory used to hold the
    saved game files. Look for the line under bank_account labeled loan and change its
    value to 0 to eliminate your loan.

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