18 Wheels of Steel – Convoy

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18 Wheels of Steel – Convoy

While playing, press [`] or tilde to activate the console, then type
any of the following cheat codes. press ~ again to close the console

cheat money – $5,000,000
cheat points – 100 Points
cheat all – 5 Million and 100 Points
cheat quest <1-31> – Access Quest # (0-31)
cheat drivers – All drivers unlocked
cheat trucks – All trucks unlocked
cheat accessories – All accessories
cheat parts – All performance parts

Submitted by: Mohamed

if you break your truck go to the truckdealer and change the truck
then take the truck you have before it will be repaired for free.
Note if you do this all your truck improvements will be gone.

Unlimited money:
submited by: Iony_
E-mail :

First you must do a back up of save1.sii file yhat’s located on
My Documents\18 WoS Convoy\save. You can do that by renaming the file to
something like Backup of save1.sii. or by moving it to a new folder.
Open the file save1.sii with notepad or with wordpad and modify the line
money: xxxx.

Write the amount of money that you want to get. You can edit this to any
value desired to have that much money in your bank account.

Kody do gier

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