18 Wheels of Steel – Pedal to the Metal

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18 Wheels of Steel – Pedal to the Metal

Edit the config.cfg file in the My Documents\18 WoS pedal to the metal.
(You may have a dialog box that asks what to open the file with, uses note
pad). In the config.cfg file, look for the line uset g_console and change
the 0 to 1. Note: Always create a backup when editing game files.

This enables the game console. To enter cheats: Start your game. Click on
the tilde key (~). The console will open. If you want to enter all, press
the Enter key after each cheat has been entered. Press the tilde key (~)
to exit the console.

cheat star – Addition 10 to prestige.
cheat stars – Maximum prestige.
cheat money – Additional $100,000.
cheat drivers – All free drivers.
cheat dealers – All truck dealers.
cheat all – All drivers, dealers, and $600,000.

you need to install the patch 1.03 to have access to these cheat codes.

No police or traffic:
Use a text editor to edit the config.cfg file in the \18 wos pedal to the
metal directory. Change the uset g_traffic density value from
10.0 to 0.0 and the uset g_traffic value to to 0.0. When there is no
traffic you can just pass the weight scales and nothing will happen because
there are no police.

Traffic away:

This is not really cheating, but a trick. If too much traffic in front of you,
change your camera to 1 (drive perspective) and then to 3 (bird perspective)
and then again to 1 (drive perspective). Then no traffic is in front of you.

Kody do gier

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