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Type one of the following codes and press {ENTER} at the main menu
to activate the cheat function.

Effect North America Europe
All cars – fillmygarage – ineedmorecars
Small wheels – rollerbearing – gokartz
Large wheels – monstertruck – bigfootz
All classes – championsaves
Drivers have large heads – balloonnuts – bigheadz
Drivers have large hands – fistfighter – boxerz
Faster race – speedracer
Low gravity – moonwalk – manonthemoon
Less slippery track – glued
Slippery track – greasy
Generate tracks – kingofthehills – terraformers
All tracks – worldtraveller – ineedmoremaps
Bonus track – fonekart
Track generator – terraformer
All classes championship – championshipsareus
Championship Access Code – cactaceae
Tutorial sequence – teachme
Congratulations sequence – celebration
Press {Ctrl} + W to win – winbycheat – imacheater

Ingame keycommands:

{Ctrl}[H] – Clouds on/off
{Ctrl}[F] – Fog on/off
{Ctrl}[N] – Mirrors on the outside on/off
{Ctrl}[M] – Mirror on/off
{Ctrl}[I] – Interface on/off
{Ctrl}[J] – (+) Viewdistance
{Ctrl}[K] – (-) Viewdistance
{Ctrl}[Z] – FPS/ping
{Ctrl}[C] – Coords
{Ctrl}[T] – diffenrent views of the map

Unlock all Cars:
To unlock all cars including the red writer u have to start a new game
and pause it in the middle of the game. Then press and hold shift-and
then type in sanecars.

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