7 Wonder II

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7 Wonder II

Tips and Tricks:
Submitted by: RM

When you choose to use the time freeze bonus or what ever it’s called,
you have to keep using it once it’s full and not near the end of the
level. This will gave you a whole lot more time to complete a level.

Unlock a new level:
Opens (unlocks) a new, hidden level titled: the Door to A Mystic Treasure.
Start or continue a level. Click the Menu option on the right side of the
game window. (Alternatively, open the Options screen, from the main window.)
Select the Credits option. Allow the list of creator names scroll to the
end. A cube (block) will appear and scroll up from the bottom of the window.
Drag and drop the block on the shoulders of the worker that appears to be
holding an invisible block. The worker is located on the lower right side
of the window. If the block is placed properly, a message will appear
stating: Victory! The door to a Mystic Treasure has been opened.
A new LOST WONDER is now available! Click ok to close, and play the new
level. If a level was in play when the above actions were followed, the
level will continue after you complete or quit the unlocked level.

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