• A-10 Cuba

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    A-10 Cuba

    Cheat Codes:
    Enable the Invincible Aircraft control setting.

    Then, enter one of the following codes during flight
    to activate the corresponding cheat function:

    Code Result
    {Ctrl} + {Tab} – Add 500 feet to altitude
    {Ctrl} + {Tab} + S – Slow motion mode
    {Ctrl} + {Tab} + X – Enable joystick

    Move anywhere:
    Activate cheat mode and the Enable joystick code. Then,
    repeatedly press one of the following keys to move your
    aircraft in the corresponding direction.

    Direction Key
    Forward – [Keypad 8]
    Backwards – [Keypad 2]
    Left – [Keypad 4]
    Right – [Keypad 6]
    Up – [Keypad 7]
    Down – [Keypad 1]

    Abort Bad Mission:
    The game normally disables the Ctrl + Alt + Delete warm boot
    combination. However, If a mission ends badly and you wish to
    stop the game from saving that result, press {Ctrl} + {Alt} +
    [Delete] during the brief period of time when the game loads
    the next part of the program. The aborted mission will not be
    on file when the game is restarted.

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