A Fork in the Tale

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A Fork in the Tale

Defeating the Amazons:
One of the most interesting sequences is the fight scene among the
Amazons. You’ll have to take down your opponent several times, and
catch your wind by dodging the blows when you run out of strength.
Keep an eye on your energy meter, and stop swinging when you’re
running low-look for the throws and ducks instead.

In the opening sequence, the point is not to avoid getting shot.
Instead, the point is to help the girl, whatever the cost. You’re
going to have to be in close to do that.

While you’re chasing the girl in the white cloak, you’ll see various
hot spots in the woods. Whenever the hot spot appears on a log or a
chunk of wood, go for it! That’s the only way to get through the
sequence, and to do it you have to fight off the king’s men and/or
escape several times.

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