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    Mild cheat:
    Submitted by: Dj Simo
    The game’s annual income tax rate is 50 percent, but property tax
    is a mere 5 percent. So before April 1 assessment day, spend your
    ash on buildings. Those cash outlays count as expenses against your
    income, etting you report tax-free negative income even while
    generating revenue from the property.

    $1 million and all supplies:
    Hold {Ctrl} + {Shift} and type cheater-cheaterwimp.

    Alternate ending sequence:
    Hold {Ctrl} + {Alt} and type bellybutton.

    Embezzlement mode:
    Buy a large amount of real estate. Hold {Ctrl} + {Shift} and type
    petercheatercheaterwimp. Note: This cheat may only be enabled
    approximately ten times. To disable the cheat counter, save your
    city, quit the game, restart the game, and load your city. This
    function is not present in early versions of the game.

    Play demonstration city:
    Begin the game, open the System menu, and select the Save option.
    Save the game, then exit. Restart the game again and load the saved
    game to control the demo city.

    Unlimited money:
    Hold {Ctrl} + {Shift} and type cheatercheaterpeter.

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