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Level Skip:
Sbmitted by: Dj Simo

Start up with abuse -f levels\\level## (##=Level number 00-21).

Cheat Codes:
Start up with : abuse -edit (need confirmation on this).

Then press {Shift}+[Z]. Be sure the cursor is in the window while
doing this, and then press {Tab} to start playing.
You should get a God mode.

Level Select:
Use the command line parameter -edit to get into the game in Edit
(God) mode. Press SHIFT+Z and then TAB to start the game.

Unlimited ammunition:
Use a text editor to edit the lisp\options.lsp file in the game folder.
Enable mouse weapon switching in the file. Select any weapon other than
the laser. Hold the Right Mouse Button when shooting that weapon and the
ammunition counted for that weapon will be taken from the weapon on the
left side.

Restore health Hint:
Save the game at a console, then immediately reload that game.
The game will resume with 100% health.

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