Actua Soccer 3

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Actua Soccer 3

Cheat Codes:
On the main screen press enter than the cheat code then enter
again and Barry Davies should be heard calling you a cheat!

spit n spin – Actua Soccer Web
tff hobby – Boat Racers
bin man – Food Group
london girls – Arsenal Ladies
shame – Doncaster Rovers
no thanks – Top 50 Babes 2
yes please – Top 50 Babes 1
chip butty – Virtual Blades
cpu spud – Pattis Shandi Men
double trouble – Gremlin Staff 2
wide boys – Gremlin Staff 1
candy man – Dicks Pick N Mix
shadwell town – The Hardmen
miss wilko – Dud’s Spuds
flagstoning – Fighting Forth
lee the pig – Heavenly HTFC
sink or swim – Ledbury FC
impossibility – Maddness Friday
ozone layer – Greenhouse Test
grim reaper – Skellington United
metal heads – Cyborg Rovers
i made this – FC Gremlin
sexy football – Shearer XXX
rule brittania – 5 Nations Select
egg chasers – Wigan 98-98
bald fritz – Classic Ipswitch
valley boys – Charlton Stars
diamond lights – Best Of Spurs
duncnnomore – Everton Stars
men in tights – Forest Stars
barmy army – Wednesday Stars
emmersons woe – Boro Stars
lady godiva – Coventry Stars
dell boys – Soton Stars
fash the cash – Dons Stars
down the toon – Newcastle Stars
bit of claret – Villa Stars
fruit n veg – Leicester Stars
wright buy – West Ham Stars
ram raiders – Derby Stars
tea total – Arsenal 70-90
bremners boot – Leeds Stars
scouse perms – Liverpool 77-98
foreign legion – Chelsea Stars
down down down – Blackburn 94-95
sir matt – Busby Babes
prem clubs – 24 teams in team creation screen
tff teams – 24 funny teams in team creation screen.

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