• Addiction Pinball

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    Addiction Pinball

    Hint: Hidden Table View:
    1.Load one of the two tables in Addiction Pinball (Rally Fever or Worms).
    2.Play a pinball game until you lose, and get the opportunity to type your
    initials into the high score hall of fame.
    3.Use the flippers to type in the initials T17 (that’s t-one-seven) If
    you typed the initials correctly, you will have unlocked a new, secret
    challenge view for the 2 tables in the game, which is accessed by
    pressing 6. As you know, keys 1-5 are used to select table views
    in-game, and 6 is the new view. Mind you, this 6th challenge view is
    rediculously hard to play on, especially in Rally Fever, where you’re
    now looking at the table from the REAR!

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