• Adventure Island

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    Adventure Island

    Island skip:
    Get to level 4 of the first island. After one of the spider
    enemies, walk and fire your weapon. When you hear a beep, walk
    forward and jump until an egg appears. Collect the egg and walk
    to the side of the screen with Warp to advance to the next

    Subweapon Shop:
    In the first village enter the house that leads to a well, fall
    down the well and turn left towards the door that usually gets
    you back up to ground level. Now position yourself on that very
    door, jump in place and hold up in mid air. A secret door opens
    just over/above the first door. Most subweapons are sold here.

    Select Level:
    After Higgins gets hit by the coconut at the title screen press
    Right, Left, Right, Left, A, B, A, B also reported as right, left,
    a, b, a, b.

    Get 99 items:
    Put in 0894 as a password for 99 of each item.

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