• Adventurer’s Escape

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    Flash Game Hints:

    *Click on group under tre
    *Take BAG from behind Ile
    *Click bac
    *Take FOREST RAT from grass as it runs b
    *Go to next scene at the righ
    *See monkey in tree and FLINT standing infront of tre
    *Click FLINT a couple times, watch monkey mimic hi
    *Give BAG to FLINT and he will throw it and then disappea
    *Monkey see, monkey do, The monkey throws his bag dow
    *Pick up brown BAG and blue BA
    *Click on brown BAG in inventor
    *Open up and find BOOKLET, read instructions to make paddl
    *In brown BAG again, find PEN, and KNIF
    *All three are added to inventory and the brown bag disappear
    *Use knife to cut down third bamboo to the left of the tre
    *Take BAMBO
    *Go right to bear sitting under tre
    *Give bear BAMBO Take AX
    *Go right and watch log fall with a snake attache
    *Place FOREST RAT on the ground to the left of the lo
    *The snake will leave, following the ra
    *click on lo
    *Put AXE in the split part of lo
    *Take wood piec
    *Use PEN on wood piece to trace out two paddles
    *Use AXE to cut out two paddle
    *Pick up paddle
    *Go righ
    *Zoom in on boa
    *Cut the rope holding the boat to release boat into the wate

    Canoe game:
    Put 60KG and 40KG in boa G
    Put them on shore and put 60KG back in boa G
    Put 60KG back on shor Put 80KG in boa G
    Put 80KG back on shor Put 40KG in boa G
    Put 40KG and 60KG in boa G
    Put both back on shor Put 40KG back in boa G
    Put 40KG back on shor Put 90KG in boa G
    Put 90KG on shor Put 60KG in boa G
    Put 40KG in boat with 60K G
    The end!

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