Adventures of Robinson Crusoe

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Adventures of Robinson Crusoe

Submitted by: RM

You can receive extra hints by finding numbers/inscriptions
in each of the scenes.

The Witch:
* Click the crystal ball to get a hint.
* The first hint is from but each hint after costs 20 seconds.
* When you know what it is type it in below.
* Solutions (highlight to see):

1. RIP
2. Bottle
3. Crow
4. Goblet
5. Shell
6. Wheel
7. Crystal
8. Onion
9. Cabbage
10. Mushroom
11. Cauldron
12. Watermelon
13. Sunflower
14. Feather
15. Map

Find the drangon egg:
Find the top of the trowel hing .its on the left some where. use that
to dig in the ground.the dragon egg is buried.

Get the sickle:
Its just like you said pull the chain then quickly grab it.

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