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    AdventureX 2

    Submitted by: RM

    A walkthrough for some of you, in case you need it

    1. Get the cup under bed in bedroom. Notice the paintings near the bed.
    2. Go right to fireplace. Notice the 2 arrows? They point to a certain
    tile. Click on the tile and get the valve.
    3. Go right to the gym. Take a weight (needed later).
    4. Go right to the toilet. Click on the pipe below the rightmost urinal
    and get aerosol.
    5. Zoom in to sink. Click on left sink to get pliers.
    6. Go back one scene. Use the valve on the H20 pipe. The taps will now run.
    Use the cup to take some water.
    7. Go right to the bedroom again. Use the water on the paintings. (you need
    to keep refilling the cup to use at the paintings.
    At the end, you should have 4 numbers.
    8. Use aerosol on mirror. You

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