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    Age of Empires

    Cheat Codes:
    Submitted by: Varun the King
    Email: vark3 at

    In all parts of age of this game before we use all cheats just pause
    the game and the press enter and type your cheats. This will decrease
    your opponents time. To type the same cheat multiple time:
    When we press enter to type a cheatcode, type it once and the select
    it all. Copy it by pressing Ctrl+C. Press enter. Now,press Enter again
    and hold the Shift button and simply press the Insert button.
    Again enter and insert. While doing this do forgot to press shift.

    Update by: Luis Mareco Roberto
    Update by: t.akileshwar
    Update by: carlos

    To activate these codes, go to chat mode (Enter), and then type in
    the following codes in all caps:

    Code Result
    PEANUTBUTTER – 1,000,000 food, wood, gold, and stone,
    BIGDADDY – cooles Cart with Rocketlauncher
    BIG BERTHA – Catapult has range of 16 and area effect diameter of 10
    FLYING DUTCHMAN – Juggernaught can move on land
    HOYOHOYO – gives Priest speed of 6 and 600 hit points
    ICBM – Ballista has range of 100
    NO FOG – turns off Fog of War
    REVEAL MAP – reveals entire map
    STEROIDS – turns on quick build
    HARI KARI – destroys all of your buildings and units
    HOME RUN – gives you instant victory in a scenario
    DIEDIEDIE – everyone (including you) dies
    RESIGN – you resign
    REVEAL MAP – reveals the entire map
    PEPPERONI PIZZA – give yourself 1,000 food
    COINAGE – give yourself 1,000 gold
    WOODSTOCK – give yourself 1,000 wood
    QUARRY – give yourself 1,000 stone
    MEDUSA – All People are Medusa
    PHOTON MAN – You become a Fighter with Laserkanon
    GAIA – Control the Animals
    KILLX – kill Player in Position X (1-8)
    DARK RAIN – all composit bowmen become stealth archers
    JACK BE NIMLE – catepultes fire out cows and villagers
    killercroc – buildings are built fast
    BLACK RIDER – creats a new unit
    VICTORY – Go to next level

    Key Effect
    F6 – Full map toggle
    F7 – Fog of war toggle
    CTRL-Q – Speeds up building
    CRTL-G – 1000 gold
    CRTL-W – 1000 wood
    CRTL-S – 1000 stone
    CRTL-F – 1000 food
    CRTL-T – New menu under wood, food, gold and stone
    CRTL-P – Left click to place more rock

    Zeus-turns nuke troopers(E=mc2 trooper)invincable
    Upsidflintmobile – gives you super chariot archers

    Submitted by

    When playing age of empries I, you can make the biggest empire ever, by doing this:

    Make 30 villageres as fast as you can, and 5 axmen and 5 bowman, for protect the
    town, so with the villagers collect all kind of resources you’ll need , and advance
    through ages with minimal upgrades, now , depending the civ you have make the best
    warrior it has and begin producing as many as your resources allow you, remember
    to upgrade in benefit of the unit you will use. and that’s it, when you are ready,
    use all your warrior and go for a absolute victory. Use an cavallary-archer
    civilization for best performance.

    Submitted by: raj

    The population limit can be incresed to 200 and can be played in age of empires the
    rise of rome all u have to do is go to the multiplayer creat a game with opponent
    being the computer. u can adjust the settings by going to the settings option. There
    u can adjust settion and there is an option to change the population limit to 200
    and can also apply cheats. try it…

    Submitted by: Snap Dust

    In a deathmatch(starting age=iron age)select all ur villagers and build 5 town
    centres select 2 of them and build 50 barracks now select 1 barracks and press
    the units hotkey, like this select all barracks and press hotkey one by one. Units
    will be created very quick and population limit will be exceeded by 50 (depends
    upon how many barracks u have).

    The Power of Persuasion:
    With the ability to convert enemy forces into friendly units, priests are also a
    very effective (and sneaky) defense against invading armies. Standing behind a good
    set of walls, a well-trained priest can easily convert enemy troops and give you
    forces outside your walls. But certain differences between civilizations can give
    these units an extra edge. Egypt has a great bonus for priests (+3 range), making
    them an excellent wonder-defending race. The Choson are also very good because they
    get reduced-cost priests (allowing you to pump out a ton of priests very quickly).

    Submitted by: syarial

    If you type the dark rain the composite bowman turn to tree and walk on water.

    To overpopulate, first build something like four Academies. When you press [F11],
    you will see the population. When you get up to 50 on multi-player, delete something.
    Next, click on your Academy then click on the Phalanx or Hoplite about three to four
    times. Do this on the second academy, then the third, and so on. This will trick the
    CPU into thinking you have to have more, so you will have a bigger army. You can end
    up getting 50 or more.

    Archers walk on water:
    Enable the dark rain code. This will make the archer more powerful and allow him to
    walk across water He will also be disguised as a tree when not moving.

    Destroying catapults:
    Get any close combat person and attack a catapult. It will not be able to fire back
    because you are too close to it. Note: This also works for anything else that fires

    Priests with 1200HP:
    To get the priest with 1200HP, first you must have a temple with NO advancements.
    Press ENTER and then type in the code hoyohoyo. Your priests will move very fast
    and have 600HP! Now, start advancing everything. There should be an advancement
    that says Double priests’ hit points. Click it to advance, and your priests will
    have 1200HP!

    Play Age Of Empires without a game CD:
    Submitted by: Tanish Lad

    You cannot play Age Of Empires without a game CD. I have a trick from which you can play
    Age Of Empires without a game CD. The trick is open the file DPLAY60A located in your
    Age Of Empires folder. The game will load automatically and you can play Age Of Empires
    without a game CD. So, Enjoy the game.

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